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Whether you find yourself opening multiple tabs in your browser that become overwhelming, or if you are simply seeking an alternative method of communicating with your friends and family on Facebook from your computer, doing so is now possible with the Facebook Chat Desktop downloadable application. The Facebook Chat Desktop allows you to instantly chat with anyone you have within your own personal Facebook contacts without opening a new browser window or logging into Facebook from your browser itself.

Using Facebook Chat Desktop

Once you download and install the Facebook Chat Desktop application, using the program is simple. Upon opening Facebook Chat Desktop, you will be prompted to log in to the application with your current Facebook email address and password, the same information required to enter your Facebook account when accessing your profile within a browser. After you have entered your information, the program will attempt to connect to the Facebook server to gather all of your contacts, which will appear within the chat application itself. Once your contacts have appeared, you have the ability to search for friends or you can simply click on an individual to begin a conversation.

Pros of Facebook Chat Desktop

The application is easy to use and free of cost. Using Facebook Chat Desktop gives you the ability to cut down on the number of open tabs you have within any web browser you use, whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or even Internet Explorer. Using Facebook Chat Desktop also gives you the ability to reduce the additional clutter of Facebook if you prefer to use the network simply for chatting and talking to those you know. You no longer have to view your account's news feed when you are using the Facebook Chat Desktop application to communicate with your contacts. Instead, you can begin conversations from your own clean desktop with anyone you know.

Cons of Facebook Chat Desktop

One of the biggest setbacks of Facebook Chat Desktop is its lack of emoticons and ability to share graphics and other images directly with your contacts, as browsers and mobile applications allow. There is also no video support, making it impossible to coordinate a video chat while you are using the Facebook Chat Desktop program from your computer. Additionally, the application itself is not an official Facebook application, so the support for your account is limited if you are unable to access your data with Facebook Chat Desktop. There is an official Facebook client on the market that allows users to download a program to their desktop, which is highly competitive with the Facebook Chat Desktop application which is not official.

Using the Facebook Chat Desktop is highly recommended if you are looking for a quick way to chat with loved ones or business associates without the use of a new browser tab or window altogether. When you use the Facebook Chat Desktop, you can quickly sign in and out to complete any conversation you want to have without opening your Internet browser.

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